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To ensure that you receive the appropriate service the following will explain the duties, responsibilities and risks of hiring a mobile crane.

The following is written in accordance with B.S. 7121 (Safe Use of Mobile Cranes), and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). Both B.S. 7121 and LOLER 1998 demonstrate the qualifications required by all personnel when involved in a crane lift. B.S. 7121 also acknowledges the risks, and highlights the need to protect against their consequences through appropriate comprehensive insurance cover now considered to be essential.

What are my options?

Under the terms of a Standard CPA Crane Hire Contract, the safe operation of the crane and the safety and welfare of its operator are the customer's responsibility. It is up to the customer to provide the following:

The customer must:

The crane owner has a duty to:

In addition, under standard CPA terms, the customer must provide the following insurance cover:

* as defined by CPA Model Conditions for the Hiring of Plant

How much insurance cover do I need?

Hiring cranes and plant is inevitably accompanied by risk and with the cost of a modern mobile crane ranging from £100,000 to in excess of £2,000,000, the financial consequences for customers could be immense in the event of an accident.

As a customer hiring a crane or other item of plant, you must ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for the following risks:

Birmingham Crane Hire Company Limited can arrange cover for loss or damage to the crane whilst on hire and continuing hire charges whilst the crane is under repair at 15% of the total invoice. Should the customer require cover for lifted goods, this is available at £5.00 per £1,000 of the value of the goods lifted.

Summary of Requirements and Responsibilities

Supply of information of Lift/Ground: Customer
Selection of Cranes/Planning: Customer
Selection and supply of slinging equipment: Customer
Method Statements and Risk Assessments: Customer
Appointed person: Customer
Slinger/Signallers: Customer
Traffic Mgt/Parking Suspensions/Council Permits: Customer

Insurance Cover

Damage to Crane: Customer*
Loss of Hire during repair: Customer*
Lifted Goods: Customer*
Public Liability: Customer*

* Can be arranged at extra cost

Still not sure or require advice?

Please feel free to contact one of our members of staff to talk through the options available to you or to organize a meeting with one of our experienced technical representatives to go through your requirements on site.

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